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Past Conferences


Keynote Speaker: Troy Bishopp (pictured), "The Grass Whisperer" talked about managing a grass farm with grandchildren in mind: using a holistic context, plan, practice and monitoring to reach many goals. He reflected on it being 10 years after the last time he spoke at the conference and practical observations, results, and lessons learned from 10 more years of managing grazing land, improving resilience, and looking towards the future.

Emmy Wilson 2022.jpg


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Greg Halich from the University of Kentucky discussed rotational bale grazing, grazing myths, consequences of overstocking, and the most profitable hay feeding days. 

Photo: Emmy Wilson and her father, Russ, give a fence demonstration.

2021 - Cancelled

We missed everyone this year.

Glenn Elzinga 2020.png


Keynote Speaker: Glenn Elzinga (pictured) from Idaho spoke about marketing during the evening session. 

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Allen Williams from Mississippi presented on adaptive stewardship and the impacts on soil health and productivity, and the linkage between soil, plant, animal, and human health. 


Keynote Speaker: Fred Provenza from Utah State University discussed how to mend broken links between soil, plants, herbivores, and humans.

Fred Provenza 2019.png
Teddy Gentry 2018.png


Keynote Speaker: Teddy Gentry (pictured), bass player for ALABAMA, shared his insights into breeding cattle to fit environmental conditions.

Keynote Speaker: Author, Greg Judy, from Missouri, revealed how he built healthy soils and profits with planned grazing. Greg authored: "No Risk Ranching" and "Comeback Farms".


Keynote Speaker: Jim Gerrish, author from May, Idaho, spoke about his experience on his 260-acre commercial cow/calf and contract grazing operation where he converted a worn out marginal crop farm into a highly productive grass farm. 

The Conference moved to its new location at Trinity Point Church of God in Clarion.

(Photo credit of Mr. Gerrish: FarmandDairy)

Jim Gerrish 2017_edited.jpg
Kathy Voth 2016.png


Keynote Speaker: Kathy Voth informed the group about how she was able to train over 1,000 cows to eat problematic weeds. She authored a book titled, "Cows Eat Weeds" that was published in 2010.


Keynote Speakers: Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh from Sharon Springs, New York manage a 100% Grass-fed Dairy and Beef operation. In 2015, they discussed the exploration of epigenetics, holistic management, grazing and soil health and finding where profits might be hiding.

Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh 2015.png
Gerald Fry 2014.png


Keynote Speaker: Jerry Brunetti of Agri-Dynamics, Inc presented on grazing and soil mineral fertility and plant biodiversity. 

Keynote Speaker: Gearld Fry, a producer, writer, and consultant, presented on getting top returns from your grass, and breeding for efficient grazing cows. 


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Garry Lacefield, Professor of Plant and Soil Science at the University of Kentucky, shared ways to extend the grazing season, reduce stored feed needs, and the changes, challenges and opportunities of forages. 

(Photo Credit: Lancaster Farming)

Garry Lacefield 2013_edited.jpg
Troy Bishopp 2012.png


Keynote Speaker: Troy Bishopp (pictured), "The Grass Whisperer" talked about how to gauge your results to assess if you're meeting your goals, and managing grazing with intentions. 

Keynote Speaker: Ray Archuleta, Conservation Agronomist from USDA NRCS, talked about farming and ranging in Nature's image to improve soil health, and the power of diversity to improve soil function.


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University, shared the importance of improving cattle handling practices and animal welfare issues. Dr. Grandin has been named on Time Magazine's list of "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World."

Temple Grandin 2011.png
John Hopkins 2010_edited.jpg


Keynote Speaker: John Hopkins, the owner and operator of Forks Farm in Columbia County, PA, discussed multi-species grazing, and marketing pasture products.


Keynote Speaker: Kit Pharo from Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, is a nationally-known expert on profitable grazing and beef production. In 2009 he spoke about choosing between production or profit, and three keys to profitability.

Kit Pharo 2009.png
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